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January Loot Anime Crate

Received something special in the mail yesterday… an Anime themed Loot Crate aka Loot Anime!!!

After seeing an update from Barachan (one of my favorite artist and inspiration) that she’d done art for the latest Loot Anime I just had to subscribe! This is actually my very first Loot Crate. Until it arrived I was actually considering canceling my subscription as I had not received any notice of it’s shipping/arrival. It had been delayed because an item had to be replaced due to it’s availability, but after finally receiving the crate, I’m quite happy with the subscription and greatly anticipate the next arrival!

SO! What was in the “crate?

There were a total of 7 items included in this box and they are as follows:

EXCLUSIVE Fairy Tail Replica Scarf (That of Natsu; an awesome protagonist of Fairy Tail and wielder of Dragon Slayer Magic) by Bioworld

EXCLUSIVE Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers T-shirt by Ripple Junction ( I’m not actually familiar with the anime but now I will go check it out, another perk of getting random goodies)

Konpeito Star Candy from Asian Food Grocer ( Sugary bits of awesome, that also inspired the Gratitude Crystals in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

EXCLUSIVE Enchant Phone Charm from Loot Anime Labs (A tarot card inspired charmed after the LootAnime Theme Enchant)

EXCLUSIVE Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Girls Up in a Dungeon? Enamel Pin by Ripple Junction (Another anime I have yet to check out but will definitely be doing so as I’m an MMO junkie and love shows/books/etc based around MMO culture and satire

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Keyring by Monogram (This one was a little disappointing as I would have preferred Sora’s Keyblade over Riku’s >.> also just that it’s something from the second game as opposed to something new from the third)

EXCLUSIVE Madoka Art Print by Barachan (Oh immaculate Barachan, how I heart thee! SUPER cute print of Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, who looks A-MA-ZING in Barachan’s style)


Jan LootAnime

LootAnime Unboxed

So I am quite pleased with my first LootAnime and I’m looking forward to recieving next month’s crate which it themed Brutal. If you want to get in on the awesomeness that is Loot Crate… crates of loot click this link >>Loot Crate<< to subscribe! If you’re already subscribed let me know! Do you Like, Love or Hate Loot Crate and are you to subscribed to any of the other crates like Loot Anime, Lvl Up, etc? Or are you a fan of another Subscription service like, Hero Crate, Kawaii Box, or Owl Crate?

luvusagi OUT!

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