Gear Up for the Return of Steven Universe

Gear Up for the Return of Steven Universe

Hi Hi Guys!

In preparation for the return of Steven Universe on June 15th I’ve been re-watching all of Steven Universe episodes (sometimes multiple times (don’t judge me!) …oh the awesomeness that is Steven Universe. As I was re-watching the show I was inspired to do some t-shirt and sticker designs… especially one for Meat Beat Mania… If you don’t know Episode 11 Arcade Mania, Garnet is introduced to a satirical DDR machine…that is MEAT THEMED!!! That episode was everything to me, I was kinda a DDR fanatic for a short time in my life…I LOVE that episode. If you haven’t watched the show lately I definitely recommend going back and re-watching the episodes they are SO well done. I also sure you’ll see somethings you never saw before (or did but it’s awesome seeing them again) there’s all types of little pop culture references in every episode and the dialogue is just beyond phenomenal. Steven Universe is pretty much the best show on TV for me right now… well it’s at least at the top of my list for animated shows. I do still love GoT…forever and always. I also have been working on a gemsona design and drew the boy in the Steven Universe style which I will post an article about it later!

After watching about half of the first season I have so many ideas scrambling around inside my head. For right now I just had to do a Meat Mania Shirt because I need that in my life as well as stickers. I also really like the way the title came out as well as the meat background to I made those into separate designs as well. After the episode with Connie and Steven trying to go to the movies, I loved the MGM parody as the episode ended and I also did a sticker for Secret Team (but you can also get it as a shirt etc)…because Secret Team.

Anyways time to get your gear score up guys!

Gear Up luvusagi OUT!

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