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Hey guys!!! Just got an update today from Loot Crate that they’re announcing yet another new crate, Loot Gaming!!! And obviously it’s Gaming themed W00t!! The theme of the first Loot Gaming Crate will be Legacy, and as per the email the crate’s featured games will be Skyrim, Halo, and Street Fighter. Loot Crate has priced the having crate at $24.95 + $5 S&H (1 month sub), with an estimated value of $60. This makes it a little more expensive that the standard Loot Crate and the same price as the Loot Anime Crate.

There’s no date available yet on when you can order it but I’m thinking maybe in the next month or two since they already have the theme and games selected. If you’d like more info go to this link and sign up for the mailing list! I am excited about this crate, though initially I felt it might diminish the appeal of the standard Loot Crate. But I believe it’ll give you more distinct items for each crate having a specified genre. I’m super excited to see what the Skyrim item will be!!! With this new announcement I’m wondering if they’re going to start more niche crates. Maybe a comic crate or movie crate, something like, Loot Comic or Loot Film. Though I don’t know if my pockets with like that, there’s so many sub boxes out right now, though I suppose it also might real in more people who are still on the fence about getting a sub box and are looking for something more specified to gaming or anime. Though it’s not like there isn’t Comic Bento or Kawaii Crate.

How do you feel about this new crate?? Do you expect them to announced more varied crate types? Will you subscribe to it when available? What kinda of items and games are you looking forward to in the gaming crate? Let me know in the comments!!

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