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Get your Relationship Skill Level Up with advice from Ask A Gaming Couple.

The boy and I are currently working on a Relationship Strategy Guide over at with advice for developing, building and thriving in a healthy relationships. This Book will be for geek/gamers and anyone else seeking advice, guidance or just another viewpoint to gaining and building a long term relationship! For now we’re building an audience through an advice column to help those who just can’t seem to level up or can’t get past a boss battle on the way of their relationship goals!

The boy (Hook) and I have been in a relationship starting with friendship for over ten years now and though we’re not professionals, we figure who best to talk about it more than people who are in a stable, mutual trust, geektacular, gaming filled, long term relationship. We also often see only one person giving advice, but why not hear from both parties? You can also ask advice from either one of us as well if you just want a mans point of view or a woman’s. Though let it be known were both of a rare variety so our response will probably never match what you’d expect of a stereotypical man or woman. You will get honest and empathetic responses.

So while you wait on the Strategy Guide send us a message and will give you our coupltastic opinion/advice. Be sure to fill out the contact from with the Subject title “Ask a Gaming Couple”. Also be sure to note if you want us to use some sort of nickname when we reply or you can just put it as your name. You can also head over to to check out advice we’ve already given to others.

luvusagi OUT!

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