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Deadpool, the comic book movie you deserve.

February the Month of Deadpool is half way through The Year of Deadpool is off to a great start, and love, mayhem and the undead (The Walking Dead which returned Feb 14th!) is in the air… as you may or may not know. Deadpool the movie crashed into a theater near you (state side at least) this past weekend, and said crash has left a major impact. Greatly anticipated for over 2 years now…and really longer than that ( mostly starting with the atrocious Wolverine Origin movie…). With all the hype of surrounding the Deadpool movie, it certainly didn’t fail to deliver.

Deadpool has destroyed the opening weekend box offices sales for a rated R movie. Sucking the cash out of our pockets to the amount of $132 million, surpassing The Matrix Reloaded at $93 million. I saw Deadpool this past Saturday and it’s still rolling around in my mind, causing spontaneous giggle fits followed by immense satisfaction. I’m ready to go back and throw more money at the theater, just take it all!! Deadpool is what a comic book movie should be in all aspects. Honestly I’m just going to fangirl all over this movie. It stayed true to the source material and beyond with its fantastic writing/dialogue, cinematography, music, EVERYTHING! The writing and direction of the movie is superb, it treated the audience like big boys/girls and gave us and entertaining origin story without invasive exposition dumps, not holding are hands as we experience this story. It’s a well directed free for all of awesome that does not take itself to seriously while not trying to reaffirmed that it’s okay to like comic books and comic book movies because now this movie has made it stylish and trendy…

Ryan Reynolds’ performance as Deadpool was nothing short of perfect, especially when compared to the iteration of the character he played in Wolverine Origins, in which they SEWED SHUT mouth of the aka MERC WITH A MOUTH.

Deadpool vs Deadpool

                                                                            Seriously WTF!!??!!??

Like seriously who made that call??? You are fired from life! Anyways, the movie is fantastic, and I believe it should be at least a spark in showing that you can just make a movie from its source material without taking any drastic “artist liberties” or Executive orders and it be receptive for all, hardcore fans and newcomers alike. And Deadpool isn’t the only one but I think it more so solidifies that Execs or who ever the hell allowed M. Shamalames’ The Last Airbender or Green Lantern should take a back seat or take up staring at blank walls…

For those still on the fence about going to the theater to see the film, take a gander at all the tv spots and I dare you not to be intrigued…

And if you did like/LOVE the movie…or you some how live on Earth 2 where you were written to dislike this movie… let me know what you think in the comments…

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