Star Wars Galaxies
This is the first entry of my new series Gaming While Black – A Wookie Named Hellraiser. For now, it will be my own personal experiences but I’d be interested in hearing from or featuring others in the future. In the Summer of 2004… My brother and I started playing […]

Gaming While Black – A Wookie Named Hellraiser

Battleborn is a FPS very much akin to Overwatch. It is brightly color with fast paced action and beautiful cinematics, and it’s developed by 2k Games and Gearbox, the makers of the Borderlands series. It’s a fun game, one I had beta tested for a long time. But after purchasing […]

Battleborn: Lost in a Blizzard

The Art of Uncharted 4 Limited Edition
Hey guys! Sony just announced the release of a Limited Edition Art book for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End set to be released May 10, 2016. If you’re an Uncharted fan I’m pretty sure you’re going to want this art book! They’re only making 1,500 copies of this book. It’s […]

Uncharted 4 Limited Edition Art Book Announced!

Pokemon Sun and Moon
*Disclaimer* Post contains affiliate links.  Pokemon Sun and Moon!!! Guys Guys!!!! Did you see!!??? A few days ago there was some leakage and speculation about what the next Pokemon games would be called and how the starters would look. And today Nintendo/Pokemon Direct have officially announced Pokemon Sun and Moon […]

Pokemon Sun and Moon announced, coming Holiday 2016!

Deadpool movie poster
Deadpool, the comic book movie you deserve. February the Month of Deadpool is half way through The Year of Deadpool is off to a great start, and love, mayhem and the undead (The Walking Dead which returned Feb 14th!) is in the air… as you may or may not know. […]

Year of the Deadpool

Loot Gaming
Loot Gaming! Hey guys!!! Just got an update today from Loot Crate that they’re announcing yet another new crate, Loot Gaming!!! And obviously it’s Gaming themed W00t!! The theme of the first Loot Gaming Crate will be Legacy, and as per the email the crate’s featured games will be Skyrim, […]

Loot Gaming Announced!!

Fit Gamer Doodle
*Disclaimer* I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, fitness guru, etc. just a gamer trying to get fit. Unlock that Fit Gamer Skill Tree! HEY GUYS! In case you weren’t aware, a New Year has started! New Year, new beginnings all that jazz… but instead of a New Year’s Resolution (which more […]

Quest: Become a Fit Gamer!

January Loot Anime Crate
Received something special in the mail yesterday… an Anime themed Loot Crate aka Loot Anime!!! After seeing an update from Barachan (one of my favorite artist and inspiration) that she’d done art for the latest Loot Anime I just had to subscribe! This is actually my very first Loot Crate. […]

Loot Anime Unboxed! Enchanted Theme

Fallout 4
Fallout 4 a Jack of All Trades, and Master of None. So it’s been a little over a week since the launch of Fallout 4. And what a week it has been… The experience has been pretty amazing in my opinion. I’m constantly visualizing how I will progress my S.P.E.C.I.A.Ls “talent […]

After the Fallout

Hi Hi guys! So I’m back from the Game Stop Expo 2015 that was held this past Wednesday on September 2, 2015 at the Sands Expo in the Venetian in Las Vegas. I’m also back from a bit of a hiatus doing adult stuff like working…  Anyways The boyfriend and […]

Back from the Game Stop Expo 2015