Character Info

Character Info

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Name: luvusagi

LVL: ??? N00b

Sex: Female

Race: High Elvani

Class: Fae Ranger

Powers/Skills: Art, Gaming, Reading


Bio: I’m luvusagi or IRL Natasha. I’m a born geek, trained artist, and lifelong gamer. Up until recently I had not really been concerned with my hair and health in general, but with ever acquiring wisdom (skill points), age, and a few extra warcraft pounds I realized I wanted to level up my life. CurlQuest was created to relate the total N00b pwnage I’m experiencing struggles and achievements of my natural hair journey in a way that is fun and familiar for me. CurlQuest is also a way for me to share all my interest and learn about others’. I’m also going to be developing a comic to go along with the blog that I want readers and fans to be able to participate in as the site and comic progress.

Fun Facts: Was holding a controller when extracted from the womb, drawing since before recorded memory, Mouseketeer – Loyal to the Mouse til my dying breath, Next Generation Baby, Animal Aficionado, Gryffindor, Foodie wonnabe, Bat Family Obsessed, Gemini, Relapsing WoW player, lover of Bacon, Chronic book reader, KDrama Addict and bibimbap fiend, Lifetime Moon Princess Fan Club Member, I call my significant loser boyfriend boy

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Steam username: luvusagi

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PSN username: luvusagi

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XBOX Gamertag: luvusagi

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