New Equipment!


Hi Hi guys!

Just letting you know I’ve got some new equipment for ya to gear up with!!!! Was at the gym last week with the boy and there was a dude doing walking squats with crazy weight and he had on a DBZ shirt… I can’t remember what it said, though it was something along the lines of Train, I’m just Sayin, which I sure was a play on Saiyan. SO! The boy was like did you peep dudes shirt I think Vegeta’s on it. I was like no…because imma let you guys know right now…my sense of awareness skill is in the negative either way I look around and try to read the shirt without looking like a crazy creeper. When I looked at it I see Goku and was like boy what you talkin bout, that’s Goku and we get into a little debate about it ending in a bet…which I lose because it was in fact Vegeata….CURRRSEEESSS!!!! Me and all my infinite love for Vegeta TOTALLY didn’t recognize the scene. So after that I was like hmmm I think I want to do some gym themed DBZ shirts/gear and here ya go! 😀 Hope you love it!


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Later Dayz

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