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So I’m back from the Game Stop Expo 2015 that was held this past Wednesday on September 2, 2015 at the Sands Expo in the Venetian in Las Vegas. I’m also back from a bit of a hiatus doing adult stuff like working…  Anyways The boyfriend and I drove out to Las Vegas for the annual Game Stop Expo and of course… we had an awesome time! This was the boy and I’s first trip to Vegas so we were total Vegas Newbs!

For those of you not familiar with the Game Stop Expo, it’s a one day sneak peek of the most awesome upcoming games and gear! Over 80 gaming and collectible vendors come to the expo and they hold multiplayer gaming tournaments as well. One big ticket item was Sony’s new Virtual Reality Platform Project Morpheus… reservations to try it out sold out almost instantly!

We purchased the VIP tickets because why not? The VIP package came with early access to the Expo floor, a VIP lounge area with access to charging stations, a goodie bag, tshirt and wrist band. VIP were also provided with breakfast (which we missed because we’re bums) and lunch which was a pretty decent spread! Again we missed breakfast and arrived a little before 9 am. VIP had early access to the Expo floor at 9:30. The line was crazy! I was super excited to see that so many people had come out to the Expo. When the doors opened we stormed through the entrance to get our hands on a controller as fast as possible! Though we actually stopped to get posters signed by the editors of Game Informer first!!! Because we’re both Blizzard loyalist/fanatics? We had to get our hands on Overwatch first…

Guys… That game is AMAZING.

The controls are easy to use with a mouse and key board… though when I get my hands on it officially I’ll tinker with playing with a  controller. But the game looked and ran beautifully… Though my team sucked… seriously they sucked… I had a great time playing the game. Next we got to play Star Wars Battlefront! Definitely one of my most anticipated games. At launch Battlefront is set to have 9 multiplayer modes and I’ve heard up to 40 player matches which I believe is what we played at the expo. The set up was amazing and for those worried about lines you didn’t have to wait long to play because of the amount of players needed for the match. After waiting in line you get to walk through tunnels carved out of “ice” mimicking the ones rebels had in their base on Hoth. You then walk into briefing room to get prepared for battle as Admiral Akbar gives details and tactics for the upcoming battle. The gameplay was amazing and with laser blast and the score by John Williams I really felt like I was on Hoth in the heat of battle. Movement was solid along with jumping and using your jet pack to cover large distances. Being the on field running around under AT ST’s and Walkers felt unbelievable. There’s all kinds of power ups on the field as well as the ability to fly you teams ships or pilot the walkers to deliver brutal AOE attacks. /sigh I getting hyped just remembering it… DEFINITELY a must play in my opinion.


After the Battlefront overload we stopped by the PS4 truck where throughout the day they gave out various goodies, Vitas and 4 PS4 Star Wars Battlefront bundles… which I sadly did not win, though I did get a PS4 goodie bag that game with a selfie stick, playing cards, a variety pack of buttons, a pen and a 20th anniversary cup! And the boy got to play another match of Battlefront at the truck. As we got was watch various attendees play Rock Band on stage, many one which were crazy awesome and really into it! We dance for a t-shirt at the Atlus/Sega booth Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Tried out Super Mario Maker. Stopped by the Disney Infinity Booth. We also got the imitate being a Tomb Raider at the Tomb Raider Booth which was super cool and got cool gifs of us exploring a cave and rock climbing! Mighty No. 9 was playable on the floor as well though we were both unable to get our hands on it. The Xbox booth though not as awesome and hands on with the attendees had Halo LASER TAG!!!!!!! Which I though was a crazy awesome idea… but the lines for it were RIDICULOUS! Also got check out the new Halo. The Pokemon booth was showcasing their upcoming card game which seem pretty awesome. We were give a short tutorial of the game and there’s also an online version as well I suppose for those not interested in buying the physical card packs. Lego Dimensions had a crazy large booth though you couldn’t actually play the game which was a bummer… Ubisoft gave away hidden blade gauntlets to the first 40 people to stop by their booth as well as the canes from their upcoming Assassin’s Creed game… which I got to play but I have to say I was not impressed. Firstly their booth attendants really didn’t seem to care about you and once you got to play the game they hovered around you and constantly told you what to do. Sure I understand that you’re trying to get people through the demo quickly so that others can play but it was downright insulting and annoying. The acted as if you’d never seen a console before… so that soured my experience along with the games camera sensitivity being INSANE AND INVERTED. It also seem to have some graphical issues, texture popping etc and the monitors were huge but you were restricted by the cord set up to be like 7 inches away from the screen which just made it uncomfortable to look at…

There was quite a lot to do and I wish it was more than a one day event. I also felt like there should have been more booths… the expo floor was huge and there was still a ton up empty space with nothing occupying it… I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have DOOM playable on the floor even though there was signage for it, as well as Mirror’s Edge unless I missed that. All in all I had an amazing time and hope the boy and I are able to attend next year!

If you went tell me what your favorite game was or what exciting gear did you win!!

Luvusagi OUT!

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