The Art of Rocksteady’s Batman Artbook

The Art of Rocksteady's Batman

So I gots a speacial something I’d been waiting for from blessed Amazon yesterday!!! The Art of Rocksteady’s Batman!!! Huzzah!!!

Oh that new book smell!!!

So with the release of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight (with is A-MA-ZING… though I do have ridiculous complaints about it lol but it’s awesome overall!) they’ve released an artbook covering the Arkham trilogy. In case you’re unfamiliar, Rocksteady is a UK based game developer located in London, England. They changed the game literally when it came to Batman titles, with the release of their first Batman title in 2009: Batman: Arkham Asylum. Arkham Asylum had the Dark Knight trapped in Arkham by the Joker who threaten to detonate hidden bombs in Gotham City!  You’re pitted against some of Batman’s most revered foes as Batman tries to escape from Arkham Asylum and stop the Joker’s plot of dastardly villainy!! In Arkham Asylum is followed by a sequel in 2011 called Arkham City, set a year after the events of Arkham Asylum. Rocksteady introduced an open world environment as Quincy Sharp the director of Arkham Asylum turned Mayor has turned the slums of Gotham into Arkham City a new prison for gotham’s crimials. Bruce Wayne get’s thrown in by the TYGER mercenaries after he holds a press conference in opposition of Arkham City. Thus begins the long night to shut down Arkham City and end the schemes’s of Hugo Strange and stop super villains like Mr. Freeze, Joker and many others! Now recently release June 23rd Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady’s largest Batman open world environment, Gotham is Besieged by the Scarecrow, most of the citizens have fled after a mandatory evacuation. The Dark Knight must stop Scarecrow from releasing his fear toxin while battling his own mind and the mysterious Arkham Knight who’s holding a serious grudge against the Batman and working along side Scarecrow with an army of mercenaries!

The book is MASSIVE… though I’m sure it doesn’t even touch the amount of art and concepts that went into making the 3 Arkham games. Either ways the book is 304 pages long with text by Daniel Wallace. The book was released today July 7th., though I pre-ordered it and receive it yesterday which just added to the awesomeness of Amazon. With a collection of sketches, paintings, 3D models, and game screenshots. The environment paintings and illustrations are beautiful and there’s quite a few sketches with the artist notes scribbled on them! To go along with the art Daniel has given descriptions to most of the art shown throughout the book. The Art of Rocksteady’s Batman is a must have, I’d definitely recommend this book to, artist, lovers of game art, and Batman fans. I can’t wait to delve more into the book myself!

If you get it or have it let me know how you like/love it! Also you do you have any artbook recommendations, I’m always looking to expand my artbook library!!!

luvusagi OUT!

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