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*Disclaimer* I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, fitness guru, etc. just a gamer trying to get fit.

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HEY GUYS! In case you weren’t aware, a New Year has started! New Year, new beginnings all that jazz… but instead of a New Year’s Resolution (which more people break than complete), let’s make a life ACHEIVEMNT… a life ACHEIVEMENT to live a long and healthy life… of gaming. Look, I know you don’t want to really have to focus on your weight and overall health. And like you I’d rather down that next boss, get my next trophy/achievement or farm hours for that rare gear drop. So why am I so adamant about losing weight and getting healthy and become a Fit Gamer (and also encouraging you)?

It’s embarrassing. While at work sometime close to the end of last year, I ripped my work pants on the outer seam of my thigh when squatting down to look through a cabinet or something… then I had to go and buy another pair of pants… later in December the new pair of pants started show signs of impending SEAM EXPLOSION!!! I refuse to have to go and buy another pair of pants. Ain’t nobody got time or money for that! So I told the bf, we’re going to earn the achievement of FIT GAMER! And we were up the next morning (I LOATH mornings) and in the gym by 7 am. Even now into the New Year my work pants are still snug around my thighs and I fear that any abrupt movement will be their undoing…

But I feel AMAZING. Now I’m not a stranger to the gym and eating healthy, but I am lazy as hell and an avid napper. And regardless of how healthy I eat, if I’m not doing anything but sitting on my butt all day and snugglin’ my covers at first yawn, I’m not creating a caloric deficit and thus only gaining (or maintaining) weight. I can lose weight (and so can you!) but the actual task is maintaining the weight loss. Firstly I don’t want to make this about numbers. Though I have a target weight, in general we should all aim for a healthier body. I’m not trying to get “skinny” just healthy and right now my current weight is not healthy for me (or my wallet).

As a gamer we have the stigma of being either overweight or underweight and just unhealthy people. And usually we don’t have the healthiest lifestyles, which attributes to that stigma. Our sleep schedules are usually all over the place with late night gaming sessions. Eating is sporadic, sometimes I’ll just straight up forget to eat playing a game like Fallout 4 where my mind is so preoccupied it’s tuned out signals from my body. When it comes to eating, when gaming, anything that’s quick and can be eaten with one hand is best. Secondly as much as you tell yourself you just can’t lose weight or that you don’t want to or shouldn’t have to lose weight, have you ever been a healthy weight? I have and now being overweight I can say in my own experience, this is not what I want to be for the rest of my life. I am overweight and it’s uncomfortable. I have also lost weight and gained it all back, so I do know the struggle of rebounding. But it was my fault. I didn’t maintain what I had been doing to lose the weight, and like so many I lost the weight and went back to doing what caused me to gain it in the first place.

But don’t do it because I say so, do it because you want to. Love yourself and improve yourself. Level up your life and be a Fit Gamer. Or at least that’s what I’m going to do.

So do you want to be a Fit Gamer with me? Got any weight loss/gain stories or tips you want to share, tell me about them in comments 😉

luvusagi OUT! (to go play Blade and Soul >.>)

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